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Apartment renovation

This renovation project has breathed new life into the 24m2 apartment,

creating a captivating and versatile living space. One of the standout features involves the removal of the wall that previously separated the cozy living room from the compact bedroom. By breaking down this barrier, the apartment now boasts an open-concept design that maximises the sense of space and promotes a seamless flow between areas. 

Incorporated into the redesigned layout is a stylish closet adorned with a semi-transparent polycarbonate panel. This innovative addition serves a dual purpose: maintaining privacy while allowing an abundance of natural light to permeate the entire apartment. The use of the semi-transparent polycarbonate panel ensures that the space remains well-lit and airy, while still affording occupants the

desired level of seclusion.

The translucent polycarbonate panel acts as a contemporary and visually appealing solution, diffusing sunlight and casting beautiful patterns that playfully dance around the room. This design element

adds an understated elegance to the apartment, amplifying its modern and sophisticated charm. This renovation is a testament to the successful integration of practicality and aesthetics, resulting in a truly captivating living environment. With the removal of the dividing wall and the incorporation of the closet featuring the semi-transparent polycarbonate panel, the apartment has been transformed into an inviting haven, perfectly blending openness with the need for personal space.

Paris, France
Georgios Grigoriadis

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